Version 4.6.2 of LogJam

This release includes the following features. The lj-like and lj-repost helpers are added to the Insert menu. The new Screening feature is located in the bottom box. The HTML menu were expanded by many useful tags and reordered. The release contains several bug fixes. The updated Russian translation among them.

The short log of patches (w/o irrelevant):
autofoo: reserve m4 folder to keep *.m4 macros
ui: add 'Screening' option to the main window
editor: extend html_mark_tag() function
editor: add much more HTML tags to the menu
core: set dirty mark for autosaved entry
po: insert script
po: update
ui: abstract tools_ljcut(), split it to two
ui: add lj-repost helper
ui: use default tip text in tools_lj_macro()
ui: add lj-like feature
ui: avoid another GTK warning
po: update *.po files
po: update Russian translation
liblivejournal: fix typos around 'moodid' property
ui: fix O(n^2) in access to linked-list
autofoo: bump version (v4.6.2)

Download URL:

P.S. Please, file a corresponding bug in the Bug Tracking System of your distro.

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anyone else experiencing "Message corrupt" errors when trying to post using Logjam? I've been getting this error ever since the DDOS attacks on Sunday. Restarting the client, and logging out and logging back in, don't seem to have helped.

This is Logjam 4.5.3, under Ubuntu Maverick. (It's the out-of-the-box version that comes with Maverick.)

reorganize my branches

I decide to make my LogJam repository more clear for everyone.
So, I removed old branches 'pending' and 'pending2' and put the following branches in place:
- fixes: fixes against 'mainstream'
- features (also could be called 'stable'): features and fixes against them, also includes contents of the 'fixes' branch
- experimental (also could be called 'unstable'): patches which could be broken, untested and so on, to test new features or fixes

Meanwhile I updated few patches (however, I decided to not mess up branches for that, so if patch contains typo or bug it will be new fix):

commit 34298591a7630f4addafa2257b12cf3675933c26
music: fix MusicSource enum (v2)

commit bca62e8fdc9a9167563169c09f39c8f8a7222372
ui: show login history (v2)

commit e5555f1b05fc3fe69bdcf84b762f547b01bc34d2
ui: add possibility to insert link by nickname (v2)

commit 23dee28d33dd2905039d427fdedeca39c65ecc68
ui: introduce possibility to refer to twitter account (v2)

commit 49f2a4bc705cdf50f63be3fc8c6ea073b18f16f0
ui: extend URL opener list (v2)

commit ccc6de0eef8348e0441e8dc9b8f93b4faf9957b0
music: add MPRIS support to detect current music (v3)

commit fdbf15f4be636ce8325f7cf44fe8bc2dc5d55051
music: fix typo in the 'artist' field extracting (MPRIS v1)

Additionally I put prefixes to everything to better understanding what part is modified by certain patch.

I recommend to rebuild last logjam from the features tree. Thank you.

P.S. Yes, I wrote this post from the my last stable :-)
And all your contribution and suggestions are pretty welcome!
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Greetings! I tried to post an entry in my personal journal this evening, and I encountered the following error:

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Based on the error message, I suspect that there is something going on at the server side. FWIW, I use Ubuntu Jaunty, and Logjam 4.5.3. I tested for the same error using Drivel 2.03 on the same machine, and encountered no such error.

Any thoughts? Thanks for any feedback you may provide.

Templating patch for LogJam 4.5.3

A while back I mentioned that I was considering modifying LogJam to add persistent templates for posts.  It since occurred to me that there’s a very much simpler way to achieve the same result:  Add a preference option to keep saved drafts after posting, which suppresses the “Delete this draft from disk?” prompt and action.  Enabling “Keep saved drafts after posting” de facto turns the drafts list into a list of saved persistent templates.  (They can still be deleted if desired from the ‘Open Draft’ dialog, so no functionality is lost by turning this preference on.)

A patch against Logjam 4.5.3 to implement this feature can be found here.

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grayscale wolf

LogJam LiveJournal client removed from Gentoo Linux

LogJam LiveJournal client removed from Gentoo Linux

I've made a post about this here:

I'm posting a link to the post rather than making a complete post here to help reduce the amount of clutter on people's friends-list pages.

Update: Looks like someone will be putting LogJam back into portage:

[Edit: Added update info (2009-01-23 00:54 UTC)]