KernelM (kernelm) wrote in logjam,

a couple of things...

Thanks for a great client guys. Just a couple of issues and feature requests:

  • I tried out Drivel and found it severely lacking in important areas (no custom friends groups posting was the biggie), but it would be nice to have (optional) userpic downloading and entry highlighting.
  • Logjam has been crashing when I do a "synchronize offline copy" a second time after starting a run.
  • If I've updated my userpics, I have to restart Logjam (after a "update information") to be able to see the new userpics as options.
  • Would it be at all possible to add an userinfo editor? I don't know if the LJ protocol supports this, but if so it would be a great feature.


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  • Ubuntu 15.10

    Cannot install logjam package after upgrading my 64-bit system to Ubuntu 15.10. Any ideas?

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