Alex V. Myltsev (_avm_) wrote in logjam,
Alex V. Myltsev

Angle quotes and HTML entities

In Russian typographic traditions, «angle quotes» are used instead of “double quotes”. So for those who write their posts in Russian, a patch that autosenses the language and uses correct quotes:
Angle quotes patch
Other things I often need are em-dashes and ellipses (guess I’ll have to do something with my style). Typically I typeset them with HTML entities (like — and …). The following is a patch that replaces the often-used HTML entities with their Unicode equivalents as you type (e.g. © becomes ©). It also adds an option to conf.xml and a checkbox to the Preferences window.
HTML entities patch
(Some additional autoformattings are thrown in for good measure, like replacing three dots with ellipsis.)
The patches probably don't belong in the trunk (I'd call that bloat), but em-dash lovers might just use them.
Upd.: the patches seemed to apply cleanly with logjam 4.5.1, but I haven't checked later versions.

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