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Insert Link pastes any link in clipboard

Firstly, thank you very much to the developers for this great piece of software. It is the best Live Journal client I have used so far. Keep up the good work :-)

I appreciate the automatic detection of a link in the clipboard, but the feature is sometimes pesky. For example, I copy a link to the clipboard, then press Ctrl-L to paste the link. Later, when I wish to insert another custom link and I press Ctrl-L again, the previous link will be automatically inserted. So now I have to manually remove the link, and then type in my custom link again.

I suggest this: when the user presses Ctrl-L, open the "Insert Link" window instead, and paste the URL on the URL: text box. Just my 2 cents' worth on usability issue :)

By the way, is it best to provide feedback here or at logjam_dev?
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