J. Brad Hicks (bradhicks) wrote in logjam,
J. Brad Hicks

Feature Request: LJ user=, comm= submenus?

Before I broke my Windoze habit, I got hopelessly hooked on Semagic. There's one really useful feature I miss from there, and that's their pull-down menu for inserting <lj user="someone"> and < comm="somegroup"> tags. Since you already have code for downloading the Friends and Communities lists (for the Journal/Friends command), can we have the names from each used to create pull-down menus for the Insert/Journal Link command dialog box? Or maybe even better, replace that menu item with Insert/User/submenu and Insert/Community/submenu?

Also, since there is an Insert/Journal Link command, is there any reason for having the Livejournal User field in the Insert/Link dialog box? If you take it out, can I ask to have it replaced with a checkbox for "Open in a new window" (adds "target="_blank" to the anchor tag) and a field for optional tooltip (adds title="whatever" to the anchor tag)?

While I'm at it, one unrelated question - did I read something farther back in the journal about a possible HTML preview feature?
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