Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote in logjam,
Brad Fitzpatrick

logjam friend filter

Version: 4.3.2

I've refrained from complaining about this in a while, mostly because I keep assuming I'm lagging behind from CVS and it's already been fixed, but...

Friends filters still suck! :-)

I have 52 friends and 517 friend-ofs. The current filter options are:

All Connections
Two way friends
One way friends
One way friend-ofs

None of those are what I want. I want "People I list as a friend", regardless of whether they add me back or not. So I want a superset of "one way friends" and "two way friends". You know... "friends".

Oh, and it's ghastly slow. Is something worse than O(n) going on here? When I switch it to "All Connections" my CPU usage spikes for several seconds and the UI stops painting. Do you need to tell GTK to STFU before starting list item insertion, then let it repaint when you're done?

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