Naomi (hyzenflay) wrote in logjam,

OK, I’ll start this with a disclaimer that I have very little knowledge of The Way Things Work(tm) So basically I am a clueless end user, logjam is compiled for me and I just use it...

I use it on suse, on KDE and I think I we have tweaked settings etc to make it work the best adding it’s gnome preferences/dependencies and stopping kde using keyboard short-cuts that logjam uses (e.g ctrl alt x for lj cut)

I like most of the new features of 4.3.2 a lot, including the view options, html etc. Not so keen on the “Use Journal” button being removed, but I guess that was done to stop posting in wrong journals?

A couple of questions/requests,

Why was the small checkfriends icon in the bottom left corner removed? any chance of it being re-instated? I found it useful to get to my friends page that way, and don’t like the floating indicator so can’t use that as an alternative.

Back-date entry has disappeared I think, but I’m pretty sure I saw that mentioned somewhere else..

Again I think I read about this somewhere else, but wanted clarification in English I can understand ;) Is an “Insert Image” feature in the pipeline for the “Insert” menu? I have wanted this one for a while... but not mentioned it because I haven’t got round to it.

I’m sure I’ll come back and mention other things after using it for a bit...

Oh I remember, Is there any way of changing keyboard short-cuts so I can have my favourite key bindings?

Also, I don’t think I have any actual skills, but I am a good end user who knows what they want.... ;) If I can help in any way let me know... though I doubt I have much to offer!

EDIT: Though of another ;)

Is there a possibility of having a “birthdays” pane/panel... what with livejournal not doing the notifications it would be nice to maybe have a small panel somewhere that showed “Upcoming Birthdays”. Maybe in the friends bit?
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