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use journal [Feb. 16th, 2004|07:42 pm]


I'm new. I'v been using logjam for only a few days and love it.
I'm having one minor problem, though.
I recently left a few communities (related to the primary elections and no longer of interest) and joined several new ones, but the menu under journal=>use journal, still shows those that I've left and does not show those that I've joined.
(Using web interface to post here).
Do I need to recompile logjam to affect these changes or something?
I'm using RH9 (actually K12 3.1.2, based on RH9), KDE.

Found it.
Went to file=>change user and chose "update information" on the box that came up.
Logjam rocks.

From: evan
2004-02-16 04:56 pm (UTC)
updating your community memberships is pretty much the only reason you'll ever need to log in, which is why we made it optional in the latest releases.
it'll nag you every two weeks or so, just in case.
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