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4.3.0 feedback

So, I'm concluding I really like 4.3.0, but I have a few suggestions for the next release.

  1. As well as a drafts folder, add a templates folder, which would be basically just like drafts except that LogJam does not prompt you to delete templates after posting.  Templates would be deleted only by the user.
  2. Alternate way of achieving the same result:  Add a button, or a column of checkboxes, in the Drafts dialog to mark drafts as permanent templates.
  3. Add a way to label drafts and templates other than the Subject line, so that you can save templates with a blank subject.
  4. Add a button (or radiobutton column) on the Drafts or Templates dialog to mark a specific template as the default template.  If a default template is designated, automatically load it for all new entries.
  5. Add an optional HTML-editing toolbar matching the contents of the HTML-editing menu.
  6. One final note:  I suggest re-ordering the menus.  Edit is conventionally the second menu, not the third.  I'd also suggest moving View to the end, which would put the related menus Entry, Insert, HTML, and Journal all together.  (One might also argue that, logically speaking, Journal belongs on the left of Entry, not on the right of HTML.  The posting-related menus thus become more specific from left to right.)  Under this suggested re-ordering, the order of menus would change from the current [LogJam Entry Edit Insert View HTML Journal] to [LogJam Edit Journal Entry Insert HTML View].

(I'm actually recompiling my own copy right now with the menus re-ordered as suggested above.)

Oh, one final question:  What is the minimum version of gtkhtml required for LogJam's HTML previewing feature?


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