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LogJam segfaults [Nov. 16th, 2003|08:16 pm]
I have a problem that if I go to Journal->Friends, the Loading message is displayed, the pencil spins a bit, and then one of the threads segfaults.

Annoyingly, while trying to work out what could be happening I discovered that a) logjam won't connect to lj while running in gdb and b) the segfault doesn't occur while running in strace.

Any thoughts on what I should do to help track this down?

Logjam 4.2.4, Linux 2.4.22-ck2, Sourcemage GNU/Linux, glibc 2.3.2

Edit: I just noticed that if I submit a post, then I can successfully bring up the frinds list.

From: technoshaman
2003-11-15 11:46 pm (UTC)
Weeeeird. I had that behavior earlier this evening, where it would segfault on friends (didn't see if posting would clear it) and now it's fine.

I suspect server madness, but...
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[User Picture]From: quelrod
2003-11-16 10:17 am (UTC)
well first off find the core file
in the dir you ran logjam ls *core*
run file name_of_core

it should say what program the core is from also make sure the words "stripped" do not appear.

now run "gdb logjam name_of_core"

type "bt "

submit that information in a bug report so the crash can be tracked down.
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From: evan
2003-11-16 04:38 pm (UTC)
in the prefs you can disable the forking so it'll run through gdb. that's what i usually do to diagnose crashes (and that's why i added that as a user-visible setting)...

sorry about the crash. :(
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From: eythian
2003-11-16 06:38 pm (UTC)
hmm, no matter what I do, it only segfaults when I want to use it, not when I'm testing it. Stupid telepathic software ;)

with no forking it doesn't crash, and with ulimit -c unlimited it doesn't crash. (and now for some reason I can't set coredumps back on after turning them off to see if it really did make a difference)

I'll poke at it more and see what I can do.
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