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Journal selection menu folding / iconification

Just installed LogJam (on Debian Sid) and I've noticed what looks like a quirk in the journal selection menu. It seems to have some folding capabilities, as it's tucked 'uk_bikers' and 'uk_fash' into one 'uk' sub-menu... but it's not tucked 'ukbdsm' in with them. Initially I thought this would be due to the underscore, but I notice it's also tucked 'bisexual' and 'bisexualmale' into a 'bisexual' sub-menu, so presumably it's more complicated than that. Does it require a minimum number of characters to key on, i.e. 3? Or is there some other reason ukbdsm gets skipped? (thanks for answers)

Second question, is there any way to lose the 'update journal' window but still keep the notification icon alive and well, and with an ability to spawn the rest of the client should I want it? I generally keep a constant eye on my friends list, but only post once or thrice a day... it seems a waste of screen/taskbar space having a main window floating around all the time. Update: in case what I'm asking here isn't clear, I'd like the kind of behaviour gAIM exhibits when you're using the dock icon with it - clicking on the icon will appear/disappear your buddy-list, which when disappeared is not visible in the window list on the taskbar.
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