Evan Martin (evan) wrote in logjam,
Evan Martin

gtk lockup bug

GTK versions around 2.2.2 (or is it 2.2.3?) have a bug in the text widget. It typically happens when you're typing an entry into LogJam and you get to the bottom of the visible space; GTK tries to add scroll bars (or something?), freaks out, and locks up.

I keep seeing friends having this problem, and it occurred to me that everyone else might like to know about this too. :) GTK 2.2.4, released maybe a week ago, fixed this bug, so be sure to upgrade, especially if you've encountered this problem.

(In general, you always want the "autosave drafts" option turned on in the LogJam settings. The only reason it's not on by default is privacy concerns, though I don't know how valid those are...)
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