Kir Kolyshkin (k001) wrote in logjam,
Kir Kolyshkin

[patch] HTML markup menu

I find it very annoying to have to enter <b>some words</b> in LogJam just for the text fragment to appear in bold, especially when I write in Russian and have to switch two times to English layout in order to type opening and closing “b” tags, and two times to switch back to Cyrillic. Also, the process itself is very error-prone.

So bacek wrote a simple patch which adds HTML markup menu. Currently it has the following items:

Bold (Ctrl-Alt-B)
Italic (Ctrl-Alt-I)
Underlined (Ctrl-Alt-U)
Strikeout (Ctrl-Alt-S)
Monospaced (Ctrl-Alt-M)

I find it very useful, and hope other LogJam users will find it useful too. The patch itself is quite straightforward. evan, can you commit it into CVS?

logjam-4.2.4-html_markup.patch (5.3k) | logjam-4.2.4-html_markup_rupo.patch (1k)

PS I’m aware of “structured text” (aka wiki-like markup) feature that is in LogJam CVS now. To my mind, both techniques can be used in parallel, as they are now interfering with each other. Personally, I prefer to see HTML; some people are more familiar with wiki markup - so both groups of users will benefit.

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