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Updated Russian translation for 4.2.3

I'm sorry it's too late, but better late than never.

I have updated Russian translation for LogJam 4.2.3. Patch is available here logjam-4.2.3.rupo.patch (20 kb). Below is a list of changes:

  • Unified translation (use the same word) for: parse/parsing, custom, security;
  • Unified spelling for browser;
  • Changed the translation of offline (there is no such word in Russian, so "unpublished" was used before, I have changed it to "local", which reflects the meaning better);
  • A few spelling and punctuation fixes (mostly missing commas).

So, evan, could you commit this into CVS?

Also, two questions arised:
1.How can one translate/localize web links submenu entries ("Recent entries", "Calendar view" etc.) in logjam? Or this should be done on server side?
2.How can one translate/localize values for "Mood" in logjam? Two variants are possible: using localized words in logjam's drop-down list, but post English words; or localize it everywhere.


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