Greg Connor (gconnor) wrote in logjam,
Greg Connor

Downloading all entries

Can you call LogJam from the command line? Can you use it to download all your entries, like running from cron?

I don't have GTK and don't need a GUI, so perhaps LogJam is not the tool I am looking for. I might be convinced to install GTK but I want to figure out if I can use it without the GUI first.

(I used to have a script that would visit /export.bml for me every night and download the current month. But, that script now breaks because "You must be logged in to use this tool". wget doesn't handle cookies well and doesn't handle POST at all. So, I am now shopping for a script or tool that will download my whole journal) If LogJam isn't intended for this... can someone point me in the direction of something I could use?

Thanks for any help.
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