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LogJam 4.2.2 Released [Jun. 15th, 2003|02:48 pm]
We’ve released LogJam 4.2.2.

You can get it at the LogJam page.

This is primarily a bugfix release. What’s new?
  • Journal backup now properly saves the custom security, which it wasn’t doing before.
  • Journal backup now properly writes the version, which was preventing people like jarel from using it. (Thanks for finding the problem, too!)
  • Hebrew updates.
  • Remove “fast server” option, because it no longer does anything.
  • Better display of entries in the preview / offline view.
  • Minor other bug fixes.

The first point above means that your existing export is not quite right. In theory, this LogJam should notice that the version has changed and will try to resync your entire journal the next time you sync. This means (1) don’t be surprised if your synced journal is suddenly empty, and (2) if LogJam doesn’t figure it out you ought to
rm -rf ~/.logjam/servers/LiveJournal/users/yourusername/journal
to delete the older version.

(Yes, this release looks a lot like the last one. I think we have everything working now, though...)

[User Picture]From: spot
2003-06-26 04:52 pm (UTC)
RPMs are up.
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From: compwiz
2003-06-26 08:04 pm (UTC)
Uploaded to debian.
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[User Picture]From: lordlucan
2003-07-10 07:27 am (UTC)
Hallo :)

I just downloaded logjam, and I'm having some difficulty getting it to show me my friends entries. It'll tell me that they're there and everything, but won't open them.

I get this message in the terminal thingie:
(logjam:18346): Gtk-WARNING **: unable to find signal handler for object(LJWin:0x8114ac8) with func(0x401a8920) and data(0x82c7040)

Which is, of course, all Greek to me...

What am I doing wrong here?
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From: (Anonymous)
2003-07-11 09:27 am (UTC)
hey, i can reliably crash logjam (current cvs, but also way back to 4.0.x I think) by doing something that involves networking on a saturated link (damn bittorrent :)

usually it's logon, but since the changes to the logon process a few days ago, I can demonstrate this by trying to load the friendsmanager. anyways, it only happens on congested links, and here's (http://www.mysunrise.ch/users/narutaki/logjam-backtrace) the backtrace. hope this actually is of some interest to anyone, and maybe I could help a little.

great client!
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[User Picture]From: sublimal
2003-07-21 04:06 am (UTC)
When editing previous entries the picture's property isn't loaded and will be re-uploaded as default (unless actively changed).

It's trivial, but it's a bug. :)
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