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LogJam 4.2.0 Released

We’ve finally released LogJam 4.2.0.

You can get it at the LogJam page.

What’s new?
  • Major Changes
  • Minor Additions
    • Support for DeadJournal (and other non-Unicode LJ installations).
    • Runtime selection of spellcheck language (bobuk).
    • “Smart Quotes” automatically matches Unicode quotes and apostrophes as you type.
    • and an optional SVG throbber means you get to wait for LJ in style. :P

Also, the usual pile of bug fixes (and probably new bugs!) including a fix for platforms with 64-bit pointers, a bug with custom security, and build problems on older systems (special thanks to feebdaed and decklin).

The German and Russian versions are up-to-date, thanks to Frank Hofmann and Grigory Bakunov.

Thanks to everyone, especially the people I forgot to name!

Looking to the future, I’ll hopefully try to knock off the next most popular feature you’ve requested.
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