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patches for 4.1.2 [May. 26th, 2003|02:15 pm]


First of all, I'd like to say thanks to everybody who made logjam real. I am using logjam for about a month, and found it a very nice LJ client.

I have set up a page containing unofficial logjam RPM. The problem with "official" RPM is missing %__make statement in %build section of logjam.spec file. It leads to binary with incorrect compiled-in paths to images and localization files, so neither images nor locate is available. Hope that official RPM maintainer will fix that.

There are also a few patches that worth mentioning.

All that stuff is tested by several people and proven stable. I hope that all this stuff will made its way to logjam CVS, as well as to the next version.

[User Picture]From: k001
2003-05-26 11:59 am (UTC)



The problem with your spec file is that %makeinstall macro gives a number of variables to make command, those values are starting from BuildRoot, like, say


Probably some other variables are "harmful" too. See /usr/lib/rpm/macros for more details.

As %build section does not contain %__make (or just make), actual compiling is done in %makeinstall, which results in wrong paths to data files (specifically images and localization files). This is why I see English interface, and no picture of goat or lj user (during HTML preview).

It took me a long time to first notice, and when to find the problem. I used 'strace -eopen' and saw that logjam looks for images under some strange path :) It took me long time to find the reason (absence of %__make in %build section).

Note that %__make macros doesn't have variables pointing to BuildRoot, that is why their values are determined by configure arguments (which are correct).

I agree that my 'lj' script is kinda dirty hack and should not be included into RPM. Sure, locate should be set somewhere else (like in /etc/sysconfig/i18n or ~/.bashrc). But I have not switched to full-unicode system yet, so I use ru_RU.koi8-r locale in most apps (really, in all apps but logjam, which seems to not understand non-unicode).

I do really apologize for not contacting you before; I just had much work to do and forget that. The good thing is information is finally reached you.

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[User Picture]From: spot
2003-05-26 01:45 pm (UTC)
ahh. thank you for the explanation. I learned something new today. :)
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