Evan Martin (evan) wrote in logjam,
Evan Martin

logjam 4.1.0

LogJam 4.1.0 has been released.
Visit the LogJam page to download it.

  • Draft support-- save drafts of entries, edit them, and post them later.
  • HTML preview of your post.
  • Support a command for retrieving music, allowing LogJam to work with music systems other than XMMS. Also include a button that diagnoses why LogJam might be having trouble detecting your music (I get a lot of bug reports about this...).
  • Checkfriends can check a subset of your friends list, using friend groups.
  • "remote" support lets you run one LogJam and pop it up whenever you need it.
  • Support for LiveJournal tags: <lj user="foo"> and <lj-cut>.
  • UI improvements:
    • Better GNOME Human Interface Guidelines compliance-- we're not a GNOME program, but it's good for consistency with other apps.
    • Better keyboard navigation, including saving your custom accelerators and Esc/Return cancelling and OK'ing the relevant dialogs.
    • Menu reorganization
  • A lot of translation work, including some important bugfixes that were preventing translation for some. New Ukranian translation. See the translations page for details.
  • Better Windows support. (This may not work right, yet.)
    • Use Windows-configured browser for links.
    • Windows-configured proxy settings and network code.
    • Build using MinGW/MSYS so there's no Makefile hacking.
  • And, as usual, a huge pile of bugfixes.

The configuration format has changed (hopefully for the last time) to support saving drafts. You'll need to enter your username/password again.

Thanks to everyone who helped out on this release!
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