Evan Martin (evan) wrote in logjam,
Evan Martin

logjam 4.1.0 release soon?

I hope to release LogJam 4.1.0 soon. If you have been holding off trying CVS, please try it now and report any problems. Also, if you think there's something important that needs to be done before the release, let me know.

I really wanted to release more often, but I keep putting it off, so I have now committed myself to making a release very soon (I'm waiting for responses from translators, at the moment).

  • Draft support-- save drafts of entries, edit them, and post them later.
  • HTML preview of your post.
  • Support a command for retrieving music, allowing LogJam to work with music systems other than XMMS. Also include a button that diagnoses why LogJam might be having trouble detecting your music (I get a lot of bug reports about this...).
  • Checkfriends can check a subset of your friends list, using friend groups.
  • "remote" support lets you run one LogJam and pop it up whenever you need it.
  • Support for LiveJournal tags: <lj user="foo"> and <lj-cut>.
  • UI improvements:
    • Better GNOME Human Interface Guidelines compliance-- we're not a GNOME program, but it's good for consistency with other apps.
    • Better keyboard navigation, including saving your custom accelerators and Esc/Return cancelling and OK'ing the relevant dialogs.
    • Menu reorganization, including a "Save" command that (in theory) Does What You Mean.
  • A lot of translation work, including some important bugfixes that were preventing translation for some. Fixes for right-to-left languages (Hebrew!). New translations: Ukranian, Spanish. See the translations page for details.
  • Minor bug fixes everywhere.
  • Better Windows support. (This may not work right, yet.)
    • Use Windows-configured browser for links.
    • Windows-configured proxy settings and network code.
    • Build using MinGW/MSYS so there's no Makefile hacking.

Did I forget anything?

For the future, then: Ari sent in checkfriends support for the GNOME/KDE dock, and I'm keeping these poll results in mind.

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