Abiku (abiku) wrote in logjam,

cvs bugs

I'm not really sure where to report these, or if they're known or being worked on, but since I'm bored and thinking about them, here's a quick summary of recent bugs I've found in the current CVS version:

* "Show titlebar on floating indicator" option crashes WindowMaker when selected (reported here)
* Posting a new entry doesn't honor the userpic selected from the menu (always posts with default for me)
* The current mood no longer mirrors the subject line like it did in previous versions, but it still posts with a blank mood (rather than none at all) if a mood isn't selected or specified.

I think that's all I've come across recently. If more information is needed about any of the above, let me know. Also, if there's a better place to report things like these (or if such reports aren't desired when building from CVS), let me know that, too. I don't want to be annoying. :)

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