Evan Martin (evan) wrote in logjam,
Evan Martin

I just committed my "entrycache" branch to the main CVS. It's not complete and it has a different file format for configuration, so (as always :P) don't grab CVS if you can't handle the bleeding edge.

These changes are the steps towards making LogJam work with offline copies of your journal. For now, you can save an entry you're working on as a "draft", which is managed by LogJam (it gets stuck as an XML file under ~/.logjam/servers/servername/users/username/drafts/n) and is nicer than having LogJam save files littered all over your home directory. (The offline journal will use GNU dbm for speed, once I write it.)

I updated the Windows build a few days ago, so that should work again. (Does anyone actually use LogJam on Windows?)

Finally, thanks go to Ricardo Mones Lastra for contributing a Spanish translation. After clicking about while running LogJam in Spanish, I found a lot more strings to marked as translatable, so the translations could all use updates. (I will mail the translators directly once I'm nearing release; if you care to update your translation / contribute a new translation now, though, that's good too.)

Current translation status:
$ for i in *.po; do echo -n "$i: "; ./completion.pl $i; done
en_GB.po: 6 translated out of 382 total: 1.57% complete.
es.po: 337 translated out of 382 total: 88.22% complete.
he.po: 247 translated out of 382 total: 64.66% complete.
ru_RU.po: 245 translated out of 382 total: 64.14% complete.
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