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accessability for logjam...?

i must say that i kinda like the new 4.0.0 logjam "feel".. but there's jsut one thing that i miss... the ability to change your "view font", for instance, you'd like to view the post windows etc with a larger font then X has standard. now, i myself have bad eyesight 'n i really cant read 8pt standard X size... i know its a problem for me, i changed everything as far as i could in X itself, but logjam .. hmm, well i dont know how to adapt that...

it would be wonderfull if you could specify lets say 13px font size for "viewing" the text as you write it in the journal posting. but that would also go for moods, detected music etc etc etc... 1 click enlarges it all if you get what i mean... i know that the current builder of logjam is very busy but it would do me and others who cannot see right and use linux with X and logjam a huge favour by adapting this gr8 programm for us :)

but thats my 2 euroct..

keep up the good work! :)

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