Evan Martin (evan) wrote in logjam,
Evan Martin

cvs commit

I just committed the other major change that I'd like for LogJam 4.1, which I wrote before even the StructuredText stuff: a rearrangement of the metadata structure. I moved most of the options into the menus. I'm not sure if I like it, but it was worth trying at least once.

I'm posting here so if anyone takes a look at it they have a central place to comment.

(I'm especially unsure of the menu structure. Given any possible arrangement of top-level menus, such as "File" or "LogJam" or "Journal" or "Tools": Where does "Login" belong? Where does "Quit" belong? Where does "About" belong? Where does "Preferences" belong? Where do "New/Open/Save" belong? Where does "Submit" belong?)

(Also, the "entry format" bit will disappear in the future unless you've enabled structured text through the preferences.)
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