Evan Martin (evan) wrote in logjam,
Evan Martin

structured text revisited

An elaboration on the hyphen question:

There are something like six different characters which look like a horizontal line in the Unicode standard, but we're only concerned with a few here:
  • The hyphen/minus sign, found on your keyboard, but more or less deprecated because it's ambiguous.
  • The (Unicode) hyphen, used to contract words.
  • The en dash, which is discussed here (eru = my hero).
  • The em dash, discussed previously.
  • And finally, the minus sign (which is its own character now).

So we map --- to the em dash, -- to the en dash (as is done in TeX) but now we're left with - meaning either hyphen or minus sign. TeX handles this because it has a math mode: when you're typing math, - means minus sign, otherwise it's hyphen. But how should LogJam do it?
(I also see the Textism one (discussed below) uses one hyphen surrounded by spaces for en dash and two for em... is that better?).

Some more questions:
How should we do blockquote? Nested lists? The original StructuredText does it by indenting the paragraphs, but that will probably be cumbersome for this editing interface. I'd like to avoid explicit markup (like writing "bq" somewhere, as I've seen others do it)...
The problem with both of these is that the formatting applies across paragraphs, so simply including a character at the beginning won't do (because the next paragraph will fall out of the formatting). So what would represent these concepts to you? >>blockquoted text<< ?

And I visited colin's journal because he's also into fancy-looking text, and aside from noticing the ellipses (which I'll stick into LogJam, too) I found a like to this via typographica. Funny coincidence, eh?

See also Restructured Text, which appears to be the successor to Structured Text, and is full of good ideas. But there, they use `` for monospaced text. Arrgh! So many different ways to do it.
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