Evan Martin (evan) wrote in logjam,
Evan Martin

structured text

One of the features I’ve wanted for LogJam 4.1 is what is known as “structured text” in the Python world, though I’m sure it has other names elsewhere. So I implemented it in CVS in a really basic way right now, but I plan to flesh it out once I get some feedback.

The idea is to be able to type in an expressive manner without worrying about the format. HTML is easy to learn but cumbersome to type when you’re trying to just write. I was also inspired by eru to include Unicode quotes and dashes in the way TeX does it.

You can read README.structuredtext for more details. But for now, I’m curious if anyone will find this useful and if anyone wants any additional functionality in it.

I also have a minor question: since we don’t have a TeX-like math mode, there currently is no way to type a minus sign. I’ve let the ambiguous hyphen-minus sign character alone but I’d like to actually use the proper hyphen and minus characters at some point. How should I do it?

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