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[Aug. 11th, 2000|11:41 am]
CVS ChangeLog:
- Nonblocking connect. Now only gethostbyname() blocks.
- Summary added to friends view.

To post using LoserJabber from vim:
- install LoserJabber in to the path
- set up your account in the identities (optional)
- type your post in vim
- run this vim command: %!lj -u username -
(you'll need to add your password if you skipped step 2.)
- the output will appear in your buffer.

I'm sure you could do something similar with emacs...

From: evan
2000-08-13 09:50 pm (UTC)

Re: a few things...

(This is all kinda random, sorry.)

The best code to write is the code you need... if LoserJabber is lacking a feature, you could add it.

The "command-line-only" feature you mention, though, is probably impossible, for the reasons Brad gave.

Regarding the 14 different files, well, that's the way understandable software is written. Each file (with the exception of lj.c, the main part of the program) is an independant piece of the program.
They average at about 400 lines (history.c and friends.c bring the average up), which makes them digestable with a bit of thought.

Personally, I hate working with other people's code. It's probably my biggest limitation as a programmer.

GUI code is really painful to write, but as far as GUIs go, GTK is really quite easy. Regardless, it's probably better to learn it independently of LoserJabber. The Perl bindings for GTK are a lot of fun. They're much more logical than the C bindings.
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