Andrew (marginoferror) wrote in logjam,

Logjam and SSL libraries

I've emailed Evan Martin about this back and fourth, and he asked me to post it here:

Apparently, logjam doesn't require SSL support to be installed on the computer in question. However, logjam relies on curl, which in turn seems to require the files and (and openssl development files, if building from source).

I tried building from source on a SuSE 8.0 box with SSL installed and it failed because I didn't have the development files (it failed after ./configure, during the actual make, and it was somewhat difficult to figure out why the build was failing since the error message was unclear). Evan said ./configure didn't really have any business looking for ssl development files since logjam wasn't the one using them, and SuSE's package system should have installed them along with curl development files. I haven't mentioned it to SuSE yet - it's not that big a deal, since I could have just installed the RPM instead.

However, recently I was installing Mandrake 8.1 on a friend's computer, and she later installed the Logjam RPM. While the install went fine, trying to run the program resulted in an error (it said it needed On mandrake is installed, but not After installing the appropriate openSSL package, logjam worked.

Anyway. Evan wants to fix the RPM dependency issue, but he said he doesn't know much about RPM. Neither do I. Does anyone know a good way to make the logjam RPM rely on the openssl package that provides and In particular, just relying on any old openssl package won't work, because trying to force it to use .so.0 with symbolic links fails in a seg fault (not unexpectedly).
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