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I'm a firm believer in the "release early, release often" style of design but I don't want to release something that doesn't work (see also: Netscape 6). I'm having difficulty deciding which features are a must before 4.0 and which can wait for, uh, 4.1.

compwiz provided the inspiration for following list, and my comments are in italics.

  • Calendar view for past entries
  • Working friend groups
  • The ability to edit and delete past entries without actually posting a new one instead. buttons that should be on the bottom when editing a past entry: Cancel, Delete, Save Entry
    CVS commit as of five minutes ago is most of the way there.
  • The whole past entries interface is not clean at all.. e.g. when a past entry has any kind of metadata, the Metadata menu isn't updated to check off the fields which have been enabled.
    I have a completely rewritten metadata interface which is much nicer, but is only about 50% done.

This is stuff that would be nice, but not desperately needed:

  • When clicking on the checkfriends button, it should be able to execute a command or open the friends page in the configured browser.
    I thought it did this? Gaal?
  • Friend colors
    I'm pretty sure there's a bug in GTK preventing this, but I need to make a test case to prove it.
  • Support the new "don't get comment e-mail" setting, if possible
  • everything needs to be cleaned up or gotten rid of if it doesn't serve any purpose, e.g. in the Manager
    Manager will probably go in the final version, too. I have some different ideas about how to do this, now... I think the offline entries can (optionally) be displayed along the left side of the window (like the folders in Outlook). I have a half-completed "Drafts" folder implementation here, too.
  • changes-to-friends feature (like Semagic)
What do you think? What is needed for a preliminary release and what can wait?
I'll update this post with your ideas.
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