Evan Martin (evan) wrote in logjam,
Evan Martin

LogJam 3.0.4, iPAQ, OpenBSD

LogJam 3.0.4
LogJam 3.0.4 is up. The only change is adding authenticated proxy support for dannipenguin.

LogJam for iPAQ
Todd Courtnage has made LogJam work on the iPAQ.
He writes:
Ok, I've created the ipk's for both curl and logjam, they can be had from the Familiar unstable feed, here:

(Anyone with an iPAQ will (hopefully) understand how to download/install them, but if not, they can get a hold of me, I guess.
You can tell people to direct any queries about the iPAQ version to me.)

LogJam for OpenBSD
Lurene writes:
My OpenBSD logjam port lives at


It was submitted earlier today, and should be in the ports tree relatively soon. :)

If anyone can verify this, let me know.
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