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LogJam 3.0.3

I put LogJam 3.0.3 up. I thought the changes I had in this were in LogJam 3.0.2 but Dmitry Morozovsky told me they weren't. :)

The major change is including a "recode" tab that lets you recode from KOI8-R to Windows CP-1251 (thanks to Sergei Barbarash for the code, though I was sent similar code by a lot of people) which is vital for the Russian community on LiveJournal. This will hopefully become unnecessary after LiveJournal switches to UTF-8 (which should happen Any Day Now) but for now it's useful.

Other changes... ? Nothing, really. The ChangeLog notes a "Solaris fix" but I don't really remember what it was. If LogJam hasn't compiled on Solaris for you before you may want to try it out; I don't have a Solaris machine to test on.

In other news, LogJam 3.1 (the branch for GTK 2.0) progress moves along shakily and slowly, but it shows a lot of promise. Here is a screenshot, showing the newly-rewritten spell checker.
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