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blah, i have to do homework so i'll just post this now

The CVS LogJam 3.1 branch now uses GTK 2.0.

(Updated with screen shot.)
This was a ton of work, and a lot of it doesn't work yet.

GTK 2.0 is due to be out "really soon now" and they've already promised API stability.

What do we get? Antialiased fonts, UTF-8 support (!), cleaner API, stock icons... and other fun things.

What doesn't work?
gtkspell (needs to be rewritten), most of the dialogs (just needs to be cleaned up), basically everything.
What does work?
Logging in, viewing your friends list, and the network code doesn't crash anymore when you click "cancel". :)

What I need from you:
A new throbber (the animation on the network dialog)-- I believe GTK now supports transparency, so a sequence of .pngs would be ideal.

Bug reports on difficulty compiling and running, but don't report anything other than logging in not working.

Some of my notes on making this work, before I forget.

Right now, GNOME support is hardcoded on. I'll fix that later.

This now uses the new autoconf (2.5x). For Debian users, they automagically handle it because configure.in is now called configure.ac.

To checkout, use
cvs co -r logjam_3_1 logjam

To set your GTK 2.0 system font:
[gibson:~/projects/logjam/unstable]% cat ~/.gtkrc-2.0
style "user-font"
font_name="Verdana 12"
widget_class "*" style "user-font"

To make the fonts in the "console" dialog display properly:
[gibson:~/projects/logjam/unstable]% cat ~/.xftconfig
match any family = "sans" edit family += "Verdana";
match any family = "monospace" edit family += "Courier New";
match any family = "Courier" edit family += "Courier New";

The "Courier" hack is to work around a bug in the gtk-demo.
(I asked the GTK devs about it, and they acknowledged the bug.)
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