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LogJam 3.0.1 [Nov. 10th, 2001|02:13 pm]
LogJam 3.0.1 released.

Get it at
http://logjam.danga.com .

Changes since 3.0.0:
  • LiveJournal console.
  • Link dialog now has an itemid field.
  • Fastserver cookie for paid users.
  • Localization fix. Should work with Cyrllic now? (Michael Bravo)
  • Automake fixes. (Ari Pollak)
  • Typo in configure.in when detecting curl. (Steve Bernacki, Jr.)
  • Use snprintf when building unknown-length strings. (Raja Mukerji)
  • Set file permissions on rcfile containing passwords.

And of course, a lot of bug fixes.

I don't think cancelling network requests really works, but I'm not in the mood to work on it right now.

From: evan
2001-12-31 06:56 pm (UTC)

Re: Weirdness

Check your /etc/ld.so.conf to make sure /usr/local/lib is in your libarary path?
What's the output of "ldd `which logjam`"?

I have a weird python fetish, also. I've done a lot of work on some Python wrappers for LiveJournal.
The .tar.gz is a tarball of the LiveJournal Python module I've made.
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[User Picture]From: dneighbo
2001-12-31 11:57 pm (UTC)

Re: Weirdness

slap me silly please!

Been spoiled by debian for so long forgot .so's dont autoload. As soon as I saw your check ld.so.conf file I thought, duh, I didnt run ldconfig.

I ran ldconfig and all is well. I will gladly swallow my stupid pills and move along.

Looked briefly at the python modules, looks like it uses pyGTK, I was wanting to do a wxPython GUI, but one could probably make a gui independent python module set for the livejournal api and build what ever front end they like, I didnt see a license listed in the tar.gz. Let me know what you think, Im way short on time with all the other projects I have going, but I really seem hooked on the concept of livejournal. If only the backend were python instead of perl ;)
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