Evan Martin (evan) wrote in logjam,
Evan Martin

jtunison writes:
Hey fans of journal clients!

The "patch" to LogJam is now nearly 12,000 lines. It keeps getting better and better. Since the last tarball I sent, it has:

- configuration dialogs
- new account druid
- much much sexier interface (icons for menus and such)
- local journal support
- cut/copy/paste (never counts as a feature until you have to implement it under X :p )

It is still not on par with LogJam in terms of implementing:
- friends
- meta LJ submissions
- proxy support

Work starts for me on Sep 10, which means that development may be stymied for a few months. I hope one day the project will form the basis for a "next-generation" LogJam, but it isn't there yet. I still think the code is very valuable for Advogato users, and so I plan on releasing a tarball publicly very shortly.

My deadline for the release is Sep 5, so that I have time to fix bugs and make a secondary release before work starts. I will send you a preview tarball tonight -- please help test! I'd love to hear your comments.

A sourceforge account has been set up for the new project under the name DaVinci.

John Tunison

I'll add to this: the home page is http://john.tunison.net/code/davinci/ .

I'm not sure what'll happen to LogJam, as John has basically written his own journaling client after reading the code of LogJam... if you create a journal for DaVinci, John, I'll link to it from here.
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