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[Jun. 27th, 2001|10:08 am]
CVS Commit:
OpenBSD (and probably slack) configure fixes. Thanks to 'nulld', who'd prefer to remain anonymous (suitable, considering he uses OpenBSD :P).

[User Picture]From: pyrop
2001-07-13 03:26 pm (UTC)

ot bug report fun

I dunno if this is a good place to mention bugs or not. Feel free to smack me if it isn't.

I made this post, and then went back to edit it with loserjabber and the pluses in the music field were gone. (The pluses were posted fine the first time, and when i edited it i put them back in and they got posted fine again.)
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From: evan
2001-07-13 03:31 pm (UTC)

Re: ot bug report fun

Ack, yeah, that's a really old LoserJabber bug, that's been fixed in LogJam.

I'll hack up a LogJam release tonight, OpenBSD users be damned. :P
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