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Alan is working on making LiveJournal usable for his business, and notes:
no fucking way can i tell them to download "loserjabber"
He has a very good point. :)

As LiveJournal becomes more and more popular, LoserJabber also needs to become more professional.

(Another more minor consideration is that the name "LoserJabber" misleads people into thinking it's a Jabber client. In fact, many of the first LoserJabber users downloaded it because of that.)

With this in mind, we propose:
LoserJabber needs a new name.
Alan suggested "LiveJournal", but I have two other considerations:
  • The name conficts with other LiveJournal clients. There are Perl clients, Tk clients, and probably a Qt client (someday); I'd hate to grab the "obvious" name.
  • I planned, at one time, to support other journaling systems, such as Advogato.

Now that I'm officially working for LiveJournal, I do have a bit of official-ness behind me, which means that I could name it "LiveJournal", and because Brad's paying me, I probably shouldn't be planning support for other systems, so maybe those considerations should not be... uhm, considered. :)
Also, the Win32 client I've been working on is just named "LiveJournal" (because it's very official; not much competition in the Win32 world). Then, they'd be nice and similar.

So, in true LiveJournal / open source fashion, I ask you, the user: Should I rename LoserJabber? If so, what to?
Poll #734 LoserJabber rename

Should LoserJabber be renamed?

Screw these guys! LoserJabber should remain LoserJabber!

(If it should be changed:) What should the new name be?

Something like "GLiveJournal" or "gtk_lj".
Not sure.

If "Other", please suggest something. (Feel free to suggest it in a comment, instead.)

Or, just discuss it in the comments. I'd tell you what I'm thinking, but I honestly can't decide... though I think it should be renamed.
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