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Happy birthday to LoserJabber!

It seems I set LoserJabber's birthday to the date I officially created it. March 16th in my journal notes the creation of the SourceForge page.

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Happy birthday to LoserJabber!<p> It seems I set LoserJabber's birthday to the date I officially created it. <a href="http://www.livejournal.com/~evan/day/2000/03/16">March 16th in my journal</a> notes the creation of the SourceForge page.<p If you look back to <a href="http://www.livejournal.com/~evan/day/2000/03/11">the first day I ever posted</a>, you'll see I started using LiveJournal just so I could write LoserJabber, and not the reverse.<p> If you'll allow a trip down memory lane, here is a chronological history of LoserJabber screen shots: <ul><li><a href="http://loserjabber.sourceforge.net/ss-old">unknown</a>, <li><a href="http://loserjabber.sourceforge.net/ss-0.3">0.3</a> [Note that we now have a screenshots page! Brad wrote this page, and took the screenshots for this version.], <li><a href="http://loserjabber.sourceforge.net/ss-0.9">0.9</a>, <li><a href="http://loserjabber.sourceforge.net/ss-1.8.1">1.8.1</a>, <li><a href="http://loserjabber.sourceforge.net/ss-2.0.0">2.0.0</a> [and by here the page is gone, reintegrated into the main site], <li><a href="http://loserjabber.sourceforge.net/ss">current</a>. </ul> Thanks for a fun year, users!

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