Evan Martin (evan) wrote in logjam,
Evan Martin

1.9.6 in CVS

LoserJabber 1.9.6 is in CVS.
I believe I fixed all of the bugs mentioned by LoserJabber users. Also, the metadata stuff clears when you submit (which isn't too useful), but it's based on a modification that will allow me to eventually add metadata editing in the history window, too.

1.9.6 (Evan, Brad)
- Swapped pixmap colors.
- Don't allow clicking "Add" when no username specified.
- Patch from Brad for color selection.
- Completed color selection. TODO: Color preview.
- Cleaned up a bunch of memory leaks.
- Color preview. That was much less painful than I expected.
I had some GTK color theming code I wrote from a long time ago handy.
*** Please let me know if this works on paletted displays.
nVidia's X Servers won't go into 256 colors, I think. :(
- Modified color preview. I can't work around the pixmap theme problem.
- Crashing bug from when a NULL got into a journal item somehow.
It wasn't LoserJabber's fault, but I worked around it anyway.
- Erase metadata after a successful submit. TODO: meta history.
- Time cleanup.
- Was sending invalid date on history modification.
- "Add" button disabled properly.
- Don't throw away the configuration file on minor version changes.

Some of you are grabbing these every night, so a lot of that may seem like old news.

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