Evan Martin (evan) wrote in logjam,
Evan Martin

I've spent about four hours trying to fix the background color problem on the color preview when using a GTK theme based on the pixmap engine, and I've found that it can't be worked around. The mailing list archives have a thread discussing this, and they conclude it is a bug in the pixmap theme engine.

The pixmap theme engine is reportedly really hacky, so nobody wants to touch it. That's also why the newest KDE runs GTK Pixmap-based themes faster than GTK can.

In conclusion: GTK is nice, as long as you don't want to anything slightly nonstandard. :)

Please note that if you're not using a pixmap-based theme, this message doesn't apply to you.
Current CVS LoserJabber is once again a release candidate.
The color preview now applies to your username, as Brad requested.

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