Evan Martin (evan) wrote in logjam,
Evan Martin

LoserJabber 2.1.3

I have released LoserJabber 2.1.3.

Most importantly, this fixes the "no events in history" bug.

Read the Full ChangeLog for details.

I also have started building Debian packages for this release.
Download .tar.gz, .deb, or .rpm.
(In case you were wondering, I use Debian. I just never had a need for packages.)

In other news, I still hate sourceforge. Nothing ever works; they have really annoying web forms, which are doubly annoying because their servers are so slow; they are always changing things; it's confusing, even to me, and I'm a relatively experienced computer user.

I mean, I really appreciate the free hosting... but if I could host anywhere else, I would.

So, with this release of LoserJabber, I am no longer using the sourceforge interface for anything. I'll still use them for web space, CVS, and mailing lists, but only until I can get Brad to give me an account on bradfitz.com.

The next releases of LoserJabber will probably be the integration of *conditional* GNOME support.
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