June 7th, 2011


Version 4.6.2 of LogJam

This release includes the following features. The lj-like and lj-repost helpers are added to the Insert menu. The new Screening feature is located in the bottom box. The HTML menu were expanded by many useful tags and reordered. The release contains several bug fixes. The updated Russian translation among them.

The short log of patches (w/o irrelevant):
autofoo: reserve m4 folder to keep *.m4 macros
ui: add 'Screening' option to the main window
editor: extend html_mark_tag() function
editor: add much more HTML tags to the menu
core: set dirty mark for autosaved entry
po: insert update-potfiles.sh script
po: update POTFILES.in
ui: abstract tools_ljcut(), split it to two
ui: add lj-repost helper
ui: use default tip text in tools_lj_macro()
ui: add lj-like feature
ui: avoid another GTK warning
po: update *.po files
po: update Russian translation
liblivejournal: fix typos around 'moodid' property
ui: fix O(n^2) in access to linked-list
autofoo: bump version (v4.6.2)

Download URL: http://andy-shev.github.com/LogJam/download/logjam-4.6.2.tar.bz2

P.S. Please, file a corresponding bug in the Bug Tracking System of your distro.

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