March 18th, 2006

lying, sigh

another feature request

it would be nice if LogJam downloaded userpics and displayed them next to keywords when composing an entry.

(also, it would be nice if ‘update information’ didn’t forget the community selection so i don’t post this in my own journal by mistake ;-P)

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Limitations to synchronizing offline copy?

I've been using the "Synchronize Offline Copy" for a bit now to make local backups of my journal. However, I haven't experimented much with making changes locally and seeing what happens when they are propagated back. But it occurred to me that various changes (searching for and correcting broken links, etc.) would be a lot easier to accomplish by directly working with the local XML files in my .logjam directory rather than trying to use XMLRPC or whatnot to communicate with the LiveJournal servers directly. Is there any information stored in the XML files that I could potentially change that would not properly propagate back?
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