October 22nd, 2005


Offline grep crash/unimplemented

I like to use the logjam offline grep feature to search my LJ. However, it reliably now crashes with a segmentation fault during the grep. Using other clients to do similar things I get vague messages about an inability to convert something to UTF-8, suggesting that somewhere in the 5 years of my LJ there is a bad character.

Unfortunately that's going to be hard to find. If anyone has suggestions about what to look for that'd be great.

The second part of this is that I resynced my LJ after rebuilding Logjam to use sqlite and tried again. This time when I attempt an offline grep it errors out with "unimplemented, aborting...". Is this a permanently removed feature for those who use sqlite, or is it going to come back, or is there maybe something else I should be doing?

Thanks to anyone who can answer!
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