June 26th, 2004

  • evan

logjam's future

As some people have noticed, I now have a real job, and so I don't expect to have as much time to work on LogJam. I'm sorta happy with where it is right now, though; even though I probably only use the program a few minutes a week, it seems to get the job done for me. Though, arguably, even version 0.1 did that. :)

But because I now work for a company that heavily uses both Linux and Blogger, I've been seriously considering finishing the Blogger support. gaal just posted in logjam_dev about supporting a comments sync. And I've heard rumors of extending smartquotes support for other languages (er, edit: I see someone has posted a patch? argh, I don't even have time to read LiveJournal anymore...).

In any case, expect development to slow down, but hopefully not stop completely. (But also expect nothing to happen anytime soon: I'm currently living in a two-bedroom apartment with six people... I hardly have a place to sleep, let alone a computer to use.)