April 9th, 2004

Brad @ Burning Man

4.4 Bug Report: Key assignment conflict

Bug Report, version 4.4.0 (from debian/unstable): ctrl-alt-I is the keyboard equivalent for Insert/Image and HTML/Italic. (Is there a reason why the keyboard equivalents for the HTML menu are mapped to ctrl-alt instead of just ctrl?) At least on my machine, the former over-rides the latter, which is the preferred behavior in my opinion; italic tags are easier to enter by hand.

Any chance of having a preference setting so that the cool new ctrl-L Insert/Link feature optionally includes target='_blank' in the anchor tag? Any chance of other preference settings so that the cool new ctrl-alt-I Insert/Image feature can optionally include align='right' and/or border='0' in the image tag?

Any chance of getting a preference setting so that the HTML preview, instead of opening up inside the application, saves the HTML preview to the temporary files directory and opens it with the default system browser (like the Journal/Web Links submenus)? You'd need to save two fake web pages, one with the cuts collapsed and one with the cuts expanded. And I wouldn't blame you if you chose not to emulate polls. Do-able?