May 8th, 2002

  • evan

not dead yet

gaal has contributed a patch or two for supporting journal entry save/restore, and is currently working on checkfriends support for LogJam 3.1. I've been busy cleaning up the code so he can use it. One of the nicest things about GTK2 is the Unicode support, which means that LogJam 3.1 may be the only non-web-browser-based LiveJournal client that supports the right-to-left writing found in languages like Hebrew. (Speaking of which, because I know most people don't read lj_dev, I'll add that LiveJournal now supports a variety of foreign languages with more on the way.)

In other news, compwiz graciously prepared some GtkSpell 2 Debian packages. LogJam will still compile without them (./configure properly detects whether you have it installed), but then you won't get super-sexy spell checking... :)
Support for non-English languages in GtkSpell is sitting on my computer, but I have to finalize the API before I release it because it'll break backward compatibility and I don't want to do that many more times. With that said, it was happily spell-correcting my German.

I've written a small TODO document that'll hopefully be kept up-to-date, so if you're eager to work on something (yeah, right :P) you can find a project here. If you're interested in any of these projects, let me know and I'll explain them a bit better.

In the meantime I've been thinking about how to handle history (editing old entries) in a more sane manner. The major plan is to use the main window for editing old entries and writing new ones, instead of having the (admittedly silly) "edit history" dialog that has some of the functionality of the main window.

Also, I want to support keeping an offline sync of my journal-- LiveJournal has supported it for a long time, I've written clients for doing it in both Python and Win32/C++, and I think I now understand the issues well enough to do an OK job of it.

You can look at a screenshot of some of my current work below.
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