June 4th, 2001

  • evan

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The renamed LoserJabber, now called LogJam, has been put up on the new LiveJournal CVS server "marklar".

If you want to grab it:
export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@marklar.danga.com:/home/cvslj
cvs login
[just press enter at the password prompt]
cvs co logjam

I haven't really updated the changelog, but basically, this is the next version of LoserJabber. Major changes include a new dependence on libcurl (and removal of all of my HTTP code), new thread-based networking code, and the ability to use the client without logging in.

Before anyone complains about the library dependence, read this discussion, which shows why it's bad to write your own HTTP code. (LoserJabber didn't have this problem, but there is always the possibilty of problems in the future.)

A bunch of stuff doesn't work, I think, but I figured that some of you might want to see it.

I'm currently in finals week, so I figure I'll be able to invest some time into this next week.