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reorganize my branches

I decide to make my LogJam repository more clear for everyone.
So, I removed old branches 'pending' and 'pending2' and put the following branches in place:
- fixes: fixes against 'mainstream'
- features (also could be called 'stable'): features and fixes against them, also includes contents of the 'fixes' branch
- experimental (also could be called 'unstable'): patches which could be broken, untested and so on, to test new features or fixes

Meanwhile I updated few patches (however, I decided to not mess up branches for that, so if patch contains typo or bug it will be new fix):

commit 34298591a7630f4addafa2257b12cf3675933c26
music: fix MusicSource enum (v2)

commit bca62e8fdc9a9167563169c09f39c8f8a7222372
ui: show login history (v2)

commit e5555f1b05fc3fe69bdcf84b762f547b01bc34d2
ui: add possibility to insert link by nickname (v2)

commit 23dee28d33dd2905039d427fdedeca39c65ecc68
ui: introduce possibility to refer to twitter account (v2)

commit 49f2a4bc705cdf50f63be3fc8c6ea073b18f16f0
ui: extend URL opener list (v2)

commit ccc6de0eef8348e0441e8dc9b8f93b4faf9957b0
music: add MPRIS support to detect current music (v3)

commit fdbf15f4be636ce8325f7cf44fe8bc2dc5d55051
music: fix typo in the 'artist' field extracting (MPRIS v1)

Additionally I put prefixes to everything to better understanding what part is modified by certain patch.

I recommend to rebuild last logjam from the features tree. Thank you.

P.S. Yes, I wrote this post from the my last stable :-)
And all your contribution and suggestions are pretty welcome!

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