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Entry preview before posting? [Jun. 1st, 2008|12:59 pm]
Hello, I'm new to LogJam, but I already like it! The only question I have is:

How can I preview an entry in my browser before I post it to LiveJournal?

[User Picture]From: gaal
2008-06-01 02:01 pm (UTC)
You should have a "Preview HTML..." item in the Entry menu. If it's missing, you're using a logjam that was built without HTML support.
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[User Picture]From: unixronin
2008-06-01 05:13 pm (UTC)
But if you want to preview it in your browser before you actually post it, the simple answer is, you can't. LiveJournal's servers aren't psychic. (Though I suppose, the source code being free, you could install your own local server.)

My suggestion would be to post it private, check it, make any needed edits, then change it to a visible status.
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From: no_comment
2008-06-04 02:28 pm (UTC)
Thank you gaal and unixronin!

I think I would need to replace all empty lines with <br> to preview my post in my browser before posting.

unixronin's sugestion is not a bad one, the only drawback being that you have to be online to do this.
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