Arsenic (arsenicfiction) wrote in logjam,

offline copy access?

Hi. I've just started using LogJam, as I'm sure will be made obvious by my following question. :P I'm running the latest version on Fedora 7.

I have an old journal which I am planning to delete in favour of a new one (don't ask why.. it's complicated :P), but I wanted to keep a backup of the old one, as there is stuff there that I want to keep but don't have saved on my computer. I thought the easiest way to do this would be to make an offline copy, but then it occurred to me that once I delete the journal, logjam won't be able to login inder that username anymore, and so I won't be able to load posts from the offline copy of that journal anymore. (am I right in thinking that?)

Anyway, I followed the advice from another thread and found journal.db I'm wondering what I should use to access that? Trying to just 'open' it gives me the old "what would you like to open that with?" prompt. Also, if I were to start regularly downloading offline copies of my new journal, will it write over that one? (in other words, should I be making a copy of that and stashing it somewhere?)

Thanks for any advice.

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